Best Essential Pubg tips and tricks for playing PUBG

Essential tips and tricks for playing PUBG

Wow! After a long waiting period finally the PUBG or Players Unknown Battle Ground game is finally out. You can now relax and enjoy the game to its fullest. But before playing the game you need to have some basic system or infrastructure requirement and after fulfilling all those requirements you can easily get to play PUBG. Before initiating the game let me help you out with the basic requirements. Today We are talking about pubg tips and tricks for every beginner pubg lover.

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Basic requirements for playing PUBG.

First, let me inform you that you can use both your mobile and personal computer for playing the game.

i) For mobile

  • you will require the latest Android supported smartphone with a minimum of 4GB free space. You can also use 6GB of space for better performance of the game.

ii) For PC-

  • You will require 64-bit windows 8.1, 7 or Windows 10.  You will also require 8 GB of memory space. So, while playing the game make sure you have enough memory space so that the game responds well. 

After fulfilling the above requirements what you need to do is to learn the basics of the game on how it works. And also you would require to learn certain tricks or tips that can help you to play the game better in a successful manner.  So, now let’s check out certain tricks for successfully playing the game.

PUBG Tips and tricks for playing

PUBG Tips and tricks

Source:- Youtube

1) Shoot later, first check for your enemies.

  • PUBG is such a game where there is always a fear of being shot down by your enemies. And shooting down your enemies asap needs to be your motto. While doing so do not forget to be ultra-cautious because a small fault can knock you down.
  • Before you start shooting try to scan or look for your enemies. Try to shoot only when you are in perfect range. 

2) Make proper utilization of your arms.

Make proper utilization of your arms

Source:- Reddit

  • Do not blankly fire. Make sure your enemies are present on the spot when you are shooting them.
  • Unnecessary firing can reduce your bullet count and can keep you in danger. So, use your arms wisely.

3) Use vehicles instead of legs.

Use vehicles instead of legs

Source:- Reddit

  • If you are opting to move or travel to a long distance it is always better that you use a car for that travel. Using a car always will provide you with better safety and protection.
  • The chances of being shot down by enemy will definitely reduce.

4) Always use a map.

  • While playing the game make sure to use the map. The map can guide you about places in the area you are fighting and also it will help you to provide information about enemies where they are hiding. 
  • Remember to use your headphones while playing the game because the sound is crucial for this game.

I guess all the above mentioned Pubg tips and tricks will surely help you to win this game. 

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