PUBG Custom Room: How to Join and How to create

PUBG Custom Room: How to Join and How to create

PUBG Custom Room

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PUBG Custom Room is the place through which you can play as a team with other players. Therefore, players zone, use it to participate in the game and compete against opponents. I hope now you have realized the significance of the Custom Room in the game. Hundreds of players can join a single room and play together. All the rooms carry different IDs and passwords to access so that only specific players can enter that specific room.

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step by step guide to joining the PUBG custom room

How to join the custom rooms

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Here is the step by step guide to joining the PUBG custom room, once you have the Password as well as ID:

  •   Open PUBG mobile game and wait till it fully loads on your home screen.
  •   On the top of the screen, below matchmaking option, you will see a Home option, click on it. 
  •   Now, you will see several PUBG custom room options are available along with the search option on the top. In the search option, type PUBG Custom room ID that you received from the Players Zone App.
  •   Now, click on the enter button, if the room is protected then you have to put the password that you got from the Players Zone App to make your entry successful. After applying the password, click on the Enter Room option. 
  •   Here is the final step, you have successfully entered in the room now and wait till the game starts.  

Now coming to the point of creating a custom room. It can be created in several ways, here are some of the ways you can try—

Through Elite Pass:

As mentioned earlier that there are various ways through which players can create custom rooms, among them, Elite Pass is a golden chance, through Elite Pass 600 UC and 1800 UC you can get the unlimited access of custom rooms. After reaching 11 levels, you will have your room card, which will help you in making your custom room. This room card will be valid for the next three days and after reaching the level of 57 you will get another room card along with seven days of validity. In addition, you can get levels on a pass by accomplishing daily and weekly tasks. 

Using Clan Plans:

Maybe you have not noticed, however, do you know that you can earn points by being on clan and completing the clan missions? Once you have 300 clan points you can create your room. 

Being Associated with PUBG Mobile:

Are you a known personality or a big streamer in the game? These options can give you the direct chance form the PUBG authority to create your room. 

It was all about PUBG custom room. I hope you enjoy your reading and the article is successful in clearing your confusion regarding PUBG custom room.

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