PUBG Achievements 101: What You Need to Know

PUBG Achievements 101: What You Need to Know about the Top PUBG Achievements

Top PUBG Achievements

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It’s PUBG the most adventurous game of this present time. the young age is associated with this game and if you try to find someone in your friend circle who is not addicted to this game is just impossible. Have you ever imagined why the game is so popular or what makes the game widely acceptable and pubg achievements?

Let us clear the fact, this game’s splendid features, exciting map locations, multiple achievements are attracting people to play it who do not know what are the exciting achievements and how to earn those, then, you are at the right place, as, in this article, we are going to share our knowledge about the same to make you aware of the PUBG achievements. Therefore, without giving any further introduction of the topic, let’s proceed to the article—

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List of Pubg Achievements:

  •   Agent 48
  •   Airborne
  •   Blood on my hands
  •   Collateral damage
  •   CQB novice
  •   CQB Expert
  •    The CQB master
  •   Cruising with the enemy
  •   Devil inside me
  •   Don’t pan me, bro!
  •   Winner winner chicken Dinner!
  •   Dynamic Duo
  •   Fantastic Four
  •   Fast and furious 
  •   First blood
  •   First come, first served
  •   Fury road 
  •   Ghost
  •   Health junkie
  •   Last survivor
  •   Okay, now I am ready
  •   Pacifist
  •   Shoot the knee
  •   You complete me

Note- We have mentioned a few top achievements of the game, however, the game includes more achievements, which you can earn easily.

Top PUBG Achievement and Details:

Rarest achievements

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Blood on My Hands: Kill a player by any Ways

  • In the list of PUBG achievements, we have Blood on My Hands in the first position. According to the latest PUBG updates, this achievement has 56.7% engagement worldwide.

Devil inside Me: Kill 10 Players by any means

  • Next, we have Devil inside Me is in the second position. If you are someone, who is struggling to get kills then you have to prey on the disconnected players in squad matches. 
  • Commonly there is at least one team, which disconnects before the game starts, you have to stay in the plane until it kicks you out.

Dynamic Duo: Obtain a Chicken Dinner in Duos

Dynamic Duo

Source:- Pubg Forum

  • 30.0% of players have won this achievement. Though, the game is adorned with multiple achievements, among them the Chicken Dinner is the most popular one.
  • Maximum players are trying to win this and according to them, this achievement can be earned easily by following some effective tips and tricks. 

Pacifist: Reach the Top 10 without Killing Anyone

  • Pacifist is another PUBG achievements, players are enough excited about this and 44% players are associated with it.
  • Presently 47% of players are successfully maintaining this achievement, without killing anyone.

Fast and Furious: Kill 10 Players by hitting them with a vehicle

  • To follow the disconnected players, you have to stay in the plane at the initial stage of the game, after that, when the players are separated, you can follow them. Another method is to follow the players, who are running behind the weapons.

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