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Best Setting For Pubg Mobile For Noob Player

In the event that you just have begun playing PUBG Mobile, you might be somewhat confounded or confused about attempting to make sense of the best settings to make the showing. PUBG Mobile runs fine and dandy even on default settings, yet there are a few changes that will make it a lot simpler to make the showing. We returned to PUBG Mobile to take a gander at all the default settings in the game and which ones you should change quickly to have a major effect on your game. These settings don’t ensure that you will win, however they guarantee that you have a head begin in a game that is not exceptionally inviting for new players.

So, my dear readers here I am to help you with some of the exciting or rather to say the best setting for PUBG mobile that you can definitely try from next time when you try the game. For various settings please scroll down your mouse and give a brief look.

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Different PUBG game settings for your mobile.

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While trying out this game do try these settings options on your mobile phone. settings will enable you to get the opportunity of playing with the best setting options for PUBG mobile. Check out the settings.

1) Turn off the mic and speakers

Each and every new player of PUBG Mobile thinks that it’s irritating to hear different players shouting into their mics. There’s a simple method to impair this in the game. When you’re in a game tap the Speaker symbol and set it to Off, and after that tap the Microphone symbol and set it to Off. This will quiet everybody and you can concentrate on honing your abilities until you’re prepared to talk while playing.

2) Try for good angles & shots

The process of lean shooting is helpful expertise in PUBG Mobile game. Because here you can abstain from being spotted while exploring for adversaries or shot chances. Make sure to empower the “Look and Fire” alternatives in settings as this is indeed helpful for your game.

3) Streamline PUBG Mobile designs or graphics settings

For each cell phone, PUBG Mobile prescribes certain designs or graphics settings for best execution. This isn’t constantly exact however, now and then you will discover better execution or visuals that you incline toward when you stray far from PUBG Mobile’s proposals. Trust me enhanced graphics can surely give a better visual of the game.

So, readers what are you waiting for? Why are delaying to get the better or enhanced look and feel of the game? Try the best settings of PUBG mobile and get an exciting experience.

4) Enable 3D Touch To Lower Control Errors

Enabling 3D Touch controls will be based on finger pressure on-screen. Enabling this option makes controls more sensitive & can be useful for players who press wrong buttons often!

  • Calibrate 3D Touch In Training Mode

Don’t jump into a match right after enabling 3D Touch. Go into Training and practice character movement, aiming, and shooting to get used to the 3D Touch option first!

5) Lower Game Quality For Higher Frame Rate

Always choose a higher frame rate and adjust your game quality to “smooth” or “balanced” to ensure smooth gameplay without overworking your mobile!

6) Change Crosshair Color To Aim Accurately

Changing your crosshair’s color can provide a good contrast on-screen, allowing you to aim, spot, and shoot at enemies much more accurately.

7) Style of visuals

Go to Settings > Graphics and choose your style of visuals in the game. You can choose between classic, colorful, realistic, or soft — this changes the color tone in the game. Choose one that looks better on your phone’s screen as classic doesn’t work for everyone. These filters are just cosmetic changes to the visuals and some people claim that the colorful mode helps them spot enemies more easily.

However, in our team, the consensus is divided on this one, with most people preferring classic mode and getting by just fine with it. We suggest that you check out all of these options and figure out which one works best for you.

8) Automatically pick up loot

Ideally, you want to focus on the game and not keep tapping on-screen to pick up loot. This setting allows you to pick up guns and ammo just by walking over these. Go to Settings > Pick Up. Now Enable Auto Pick-Up.

9) Set how much ammo you want to pick up

There’s a limit to how much inventory you can carry in PUBG Mobile, but it’s always better to pick up more ammo. The game has a limit on the number of rounds you can carry and we recommend that you bump it up a little to ensure that you’re never short of ammo. For fast-firing guns, set it to around 200 rounds. You can set different limits for different guns, so set these wisely. Head over to Settings > Pick Up and set ammo limits there for each gun.

10) Change crosshair color

Crosshair allows you to aim your weapon in every shooting games. You can change its color in PUBG Mobile to make it easier to spot. Just go to Settings > Basic and choose your preferred crosshair color.

11) Change angle of view in PUBG Mobile

By default, you have a field of view of 90 degrees. Some players prefer to increase this for a better view of the map when playing in the first-person view. You can change this by going to Settings > Basic and tweaking 1st Person Camera View.

12) Add more messages to Quick Chat

Quick Chat allows you to create set templates to quickly send pre-written messages. This is useful if you want to avoid using voice chat and communicate quickly with teammates. Go to Settings > Quick Chat and add new messages.


As with many games out there you can definitely get a competitive advantage by making sure your in-game settings are up to par. You should prioritize getting enough frames (as having a low framerate can absolutely kill your in-game performance) but as always this guide should be used as a baseline rather than an absolute requirement. Experiment with your sensitivity, settings, and all of that until you feel confident that you have achieved the right balance between performance and visual clarity.

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