Various types of PUBG maps in Pubg Game

Various types of PUBG maps

Pubg Maps

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Are you a gamer? Do you love to play computer or video games? Is it your favorite time pass? Do you love to completely soak yourself in the flavor of games? Are you a gameaholic? If you say yes or your answer is yes of all these questions then I must say that you agree with me. Like me, my readers also love to play games and make it their favorite time pass. So, my dear readers have you ever heard about the game PUBG and PUBG maps?

Do you know what it is? I guess many of my readers are well aware of the game and what it deals with. But many of them might not aware of the facts and notions of PUBG or what it deals with. For those readers, I am going to narrate the gist of the game in brief in this article of mine. So, readers have patience and take a brief look at what the game is all about?

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What is PUBG?

PUBG is the abbreviated or short form of Players Unknown Battle Ground. I think you can guess well about the game deals with. Still, let me explain. The game deals all about with an unknown battleground. When you will begin the game you will have to play or fight a battle that will completely be unknown to you.

You will totally remain unaware of where your enemies are attacking you from which direction, from which place and what type of arms and ammunition they are using.  Believe me, readers, it is going to be total fun and it is also exciting to play. There are various aspects of PUBG that I am going to explain to you gradually. 

But before you start playing this game it is important for you to learn that there are various types of zones or maps based on which you can play the game Players Unknown Battle Ground. In this article let me tell you or impart information about those maps or places you need to know about the game.

Types of PUBG maps.

In general, there are four types or genres of Pubg maps that you need to be well aware of. The four maps are-

  • i) Erangle map
  • ii) Miramar map
  • iii) Sanhok map
  • iv) Vikendi map.

Erangle map

erangel map

Source:- Reddit

  • Erangel map is PUBG’s unique, best-realized guide has a blend of houses and moving slopes, farmland and rambling towns, each offering diverse strategic choices just as various plunder drops.
  • There are various places in this map where you can land and loot like Sosnova Military Base, Stalber, etc.

Miramar map

Miramar Pubg Map

Source:- Pubg Forum

  • Miramar is the second guide of PUBG game and the one in particular that offers a “desert” island. Climate is cruel all over and has relatively few spreads you can utilize:
  • The whole island appears like a major, wide open betrayed ground. Because of its particular nature, Miramar guide requires utilizing various strategies and techniques while you are playing the game.

Sanhok map

Sanhok map

Source:- Pubg Forum

  • The main feature of this map is that you can cover yourself here as this location has maple number of bushes and jungles, unlike its Erangle map.

Vikendi map

Vikendi map


  • This place is a snowy island that offers dynamic interactivity and bunches of close-quarter battle openings. When it comes to places of loot there are many like Cantra, Cement Factory, Krichas, etc.

So, if you have got an idea of the maps then start playing the game now.

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