Top Pubg Loot Places in Every Map PUBG [Updated]

Top 3 Best Loot Places in Erangel Map of PUBG Game

Do you know, what is the most top-rated game of this modern era? Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about PUBG. After considering the huge craze for it we cannot expect that you are not into this game. The amazing features, as well as the user interface of the game, make it the best one. To suit with the modern gaming trend, this article is going to focus on the pubg loot map.

Therefore, if you have just started to enjoy the game and researching about the top places to gain more loot, this article is dedicated to you. Continue your reading to know the answer—

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Top 3 Best Loot Places

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The Erangel Map is the first map and yet the most popular one among the other available maps for giving maximum numbers of loot. The map includes a huge area, therefore, the area of the map is larger than your imagination. The unique, impressive design of the buildings, trees, rolling battlegrounds, the natural countrysides are impressive enough to get lost in the game.

However, the prime reason for the immense popularity of this map is its capacity of providing high loot options in different maps. Though the game is designed with several maps, here we are going to focus on the pubg loot map—

A) Erangel Map

  1. School:

school map pubg

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  •    Location- Dead Center of the Map
  •    Loot Concentration: Extremely High
  •    The Proximity of Play Zone: Very High
  •    Vehicle Availability: Low
  •    Player Traffic: Very High


To gain more achievement from this location, you have to land early.

2. Military Base and Novorepnoye:

Military Base and Novorepnoye

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  •    Loot Concentration: Very High
  •    The Proximity of Play Zone: Low
  •    Vehicle Availability: Very High
  •    Player Traffic: Very High


You can use the buildings (in Military Base) and Crates (Novorepnoye) to facing off others and be protected in the game.

3. Georgopol:

 Best Places to Land in Erangel Map

Source:- Pubg Forums

  •    Loot Concentration: High
  •    The proximity of Play Zone: Medium
  •    Vehicle Availability: Medium
  •    Player Traffic: High


To get the best loots, parachuting on the crates can be the trick.

Erangel Map Key Factors:-

There are more things, which will help in getting more loots in Erangel Map, among them knowing the map comprehensively is the primary one. Here are the key factors of the map to guide you—

  • The large squares include 1 kilometer, while the smaller squares represent 100 meters. Therefore the landmass of the map itself is approximately about 6km across.
  • The map is designed with detail information to help the players, however, there are some structures, which are not visible.
  • In the high loot-spawning areas, there are some certain locations in the map, which spawn huge amounts of guns as well as weapons. These are worth to prioritize if you are planning to land in the zones.

PUBG Erangel Map Best Start Locations to Land in:

  •    Military Base
  •    Mylta Power
  •    Small Mylta Power
  •    School and Hospital
  •    Georgopol Crates
  •    Prison, Mansion, Bunker
  •    Large Towns

B) Vikendi maps

Top 3 looting spots

Source:- Pubg

Here I will let you know about some of the interesting places in these maps that you can surely use for carrying on loots. Let me begin.

i) Volnova-

  • To begin with, I will choose Volnova. It is one more great spot with vibes like Pochinki, however, I would recommend that you should better drop a couple of times and investigate every one of the structures and areas as the sheer measure of high structure and windows may be an issue in the event that you are new to the area.

ii) Goroka-

  • Goroka is a wonderful spot to drop, here you can enjoy great loots, enough structure for the spread and a delightful area with a solidified lake.

iii) Cosmodrome-

  • Cosmodrome is a hotspot area in Player Unknown’s Battleground Mobile snow map Vikendi. It has a plentiful scope of loot or plunder. And this made the place a decent spot or area where you can drop.

C) Miramar Map

1. Water Treatment

You will find little to no players here, even though it is situated near the center of the map. Though you’ll see that Water Treatment is almost always on the fight path, not a lot of players prefer going there — largely due to the lack of cover. Water Treatment does not have buildings in the vicinity. But if you drop here at the beginning of the game, you can rest assured that you’ll find a scope and an assault rifle early in the game.

2. Campo Militar

Located on the top right-hand corner of the Miramar map on PUBG Mobile, Campo Militar is not a spot in everyone’s sight and you’ll meet pretty much no opposition here. More good news: It’s a huge complex with a lot of loot. If you drop to this location, all the buildings will be yours to loot. But make sure you find a vehicle first since Campo Militar is usually outside the first circle.

3. El Pozo

El Pozo is located to the west of the Miramar map and has huge buildings, stadiums, churches, and other large structures, which are filled with good loot. But you will also find a few players landing around you when you go in, so be prepared.

4. Valle Del Mar

Valle Del Mar is one of the most neglected locations on the map, owing to its existence on the southern extreme of Miramar. You’ll face little to no opposition here if you plan to land but remember to land near the church in Valle Del Mar as it will give you good loot more often than not.

5. Impala

Impala will almost always have really good loot. The place is a mixture of big buildings, small houses, factories, and warehouses — all of which will assure you a good loot. Since it is located on the Eastern extreme of the map, you will not see much opposition unless it falls on the flight path. Players do tend to come here when it’s on the flight path.

Hope after reading this article your gaming experience will be improved and you will be able to plan your gaming strategy wisely. Enjoy Your Game!

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