Pubg Flare Gun – Top Secret Location In Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar & Vikendi Map [2019]

Where will you locate Flare gun in PUBG?

Flare guns

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Are you a gamer? Do you love to play PUBG? If you are an ardent player of PUBG then I guess you will well understand the necessity or requirement of any weapon or arms, especially in this game. While doing so in this game as a player you can definitely use a Flare gun.

With the help of this, you can surely cope up with your opponents. But in this case, let me ask you a question. Do you have any idea on what a flare gun is actually? Can you define the exact use of this weapon? If you are not aware of the usefulness of the weapon then in this article I can help you to understand facts about this weapon

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What is Flare Gun in PUBG?

flare gun

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The Flare Gun’s presently just accessible to use on Test Servers in Custom matches, which implies that its utilization is restricted. From what we’ve seen, however, it’s an uncommon drop that is discovered dissipated over PUBG’s unique guide Erangel. Shoot it into the air and you’ll get a redesigned airdrop loaded up with a portion of the game’s most dominant weaponry and protective layer. One thing that I can add about this weapon is that it is good for signaling. 

Discharging the Flare Gun at a player won’t do any damage however and it’s very specific on the way it operates or works. Get the direction wrong, or fire it at the off-base time, and your endeavors will go to squander. 

Usage of Flare Gun.

  • i) You need to fire it high in the sky.
  • ii) If you do not fire it high it will not work.
  • iii) All foes over the guide will be given a sound signal when this occurs, and anybody with a viewable pathway will certainly observe the Flare hanging in the sky. 
  • iv) Following a couple of moments, an airdrop will land near where you shot the Flare.

Where can you locate Flare Guns?

A) Erangel Map

flare guns in Erangel map

  • George pool crates
  • Novo 
  • Yasnaya Polyana
  • Military base
  • Stalbar
  • Severny
  • Kameshki
  • Ferry pier

B) Miramar Map

flare gun in Miramar Map

  • Monte de novo
  • El pozo 
  • Los leones
  • Power Grid
  • San Martin
  • Hacienda del patron

C) Vikendi Map

flare gun in vikendi map

  • Dobro Mesto
  • Villa

D) Sanhok Map

flare gun in sanhok

  • Ruins
  • Cave
  • Boot Camp
  • DOCS

So, I guess whenever you will choose these locations you can locate a Flare Gun here.

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