PUBG Facts: Top 7 Facts You Did Not Know Before

PUBG Facts: Top 7 Facts You Did Not Know Before

These days, everybody is obsessed with PUBG. People are playing this game, while they are on the bus, chilling at home, even students are engaging themselves in this game. Have you ever imagined what makes the game so popular that people from all age groups are obsessed with it? Yes! It holds a great attraction for mobile game lovers. If you are playing the game for a longer time then you must be thinking that you know everything about the game, however, the fact is not the same. There are multiple unknown PUBG facts you don’t know.

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Here, in this article, we are focusing on the facts you did not know before. Let’s start reading—

Top 7 Pubg Facts:-

Pubg Facts

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1. This Game Broke The All-Time Record in 2017:

  • In the year 2017, this game set the record of being the top favorite game, which had a great number of concurrent players (1,342, 857)

2. It can Ban You for 100 Years:

  • There is no argument that it is the most popular game of this generation, however, do you know that it has the strictest system. If you break any rule, the authority can block you from playing the game for 100 years.
  • No matter how well you are concerned about the PUBG facts, keep this point in your mind.

3. Every Gun Is Equipped with Different Features:

  • When it comes to discussing interesting facts of the game, guns come in the priority list. Do you know that all the guns are designed with different features? You may do not know the fact, however, it is true.

4. It Won Maximum Awards 2017-2018:

top 7 unknown pubg facts

Source:- Pubg

  • Apart from entertaining you, there are more PUBG facts to surprise you. It has won so many awards, like-
  • 35th Golden Joystick Awards- Best Multiplayer Game, Best PC Game of the Year.
  • The Game Awards 2017- Best Multiplayer Game
  • DICE Award 2017- Outstanding Achievement in Online G
  • 36th Golden Joystick award: Mobile Game of the Year.

5. The Grossing Revenue from This Game is the Highest among the Top 10 Highest Grossing Revenue Games:

  • Super Data research result says, in April the sales of the game earned US$34 million and this achievement is H-U-G-E. PUBG is also receding the revenue from Overwatch and Counterstrike.

6. In Water You Are Save:

  • Yes! You heard it right, when your opponents are approaching towards you and you cannot find any way to save yourself, take shelter under water, as, bullets will not hit you there.

7. The Secret of the Unknown Player:

  • The player unknown is Brendan Greene, who is the designer of the game and loves to participate in the game according to his wish.


These are the surprising PUBG facts, which you did not know. I know that these facts will increase the interest more. Play more, enjoy more! Are you a PUBG lover? If you belong to the modern century, then there is no doubt that you spend a lot of time playing PUBG. Here are some interesting PUBG facts you did not know before.

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