Top 3 looting spots in PUBG Vikendi map

Top 3 looting spots in PUBG Vikendi map

Player Unknown’s Battleground Mobile as of late has added its fourth guide in the portion, this is the snow terrain map otherwise called “Vikendi“. This is the first location in the whole game where you can enjoy a snowy or icy terrain.

The guide or the map is still using the beta adaptation or version for PUBG Mobile. However, being a player you will not be able to understand that. The snowy terrain map in Player Unknown’s Battleground game is exceedingly streamlined. So, you can well enjoy the game as well as the thrill.

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A brief overview of Vikendi map


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Many of the ardent players of the Player Unknown’s Battleground Mobile has just or already explored into the map and have been investing a lot of time to become more and more acquainted or to gather specific knowledge with the key or main areas by examining the new PUBG snowy terrain map to get a favorable position. 

First of all, let me state this, the guide is gigantic and it’s one of the hardest guide or map in the whole play that you can experience while you are involved in the game. It is right around a blend or amalgamation of the map of Erangel and as well as Sanhok land or terrain experience.

So to help you out all with loot destinations, I have arranged a rundown or list of the top three areas where you can show signs of improvement considering plundering. I guess these destinations will help you to carry on loot and to enjoy the game.

Top three loot destinations of Vikendi maps

Top 3 looting spots

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Here I will let you know about some of the interesting places in these maps that you can surely use for carrying on loots. Let me begin.

i) Volnova-

  • To begin with, I will choose Volnova. It is one more great spot with vibes like Pochinki, however, I would recommend that you should better drop a couple of times and investigate every one of the structures and areas as the sheer measure of high structure and windows may be an issue in the event that you are new to the area.

ii) Goroka-

  • Goroka is a wonderful spot to drop, here you can enjoy great loots, enough structure for the spread and a delightful area with a solidified lake.

iii) Cosmodrome-

  • Cosmodrome is a hotspot area in Player Unknown’s Battleground Mobile snow map Vikendi. It has a plentiful scope of loot or plunder. And this made the place a decent spot or area where you can drop.


So, dear readers or I can say players. If you are intending to try this map of the game does not forget to try these top three destinations for looting as well as adventure.

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